Vax range of vacuums

Vax are passionate about floorcare. They have created a range of state of the art products utilising patented technology for a wide range of household cleaning tasks, including everyday vacuuming, washing carpets and hard floors.

Vax has been dedicated to caring for and prolonging the life of carpets for the past 25 years, and has remained at the forefront of developing pioneering products to do just that.

They design, manufacture and market "cutting edge" floorcare products in collaboration with other key suppliers, providing the highest standard of service and customer care.

Vax products are subjected to rigorous testing procedures, during development, to ensure that any faults are diagnosed and rectified prior to mass production. This way they ensure all their products are of the highest possible standard.

Why wash your carpets?

Recent research claims an average carpet could harbour millions of harmful bacteria. Along with dust mites, dirt and grit, an unwashed carpet is a breeding ground for hidden health hazards. Although regular dry vacuuming removes the surface layer of everyday dust, embedded dirt and grime still exist in your carpet, making fibres look flat and lifeless. The only way to remove deep down dirt is to wash your carpets.

Dust mites and allergens live and multiply in warm, humid conditions. With central heating and double glazing in many homes, carpets provide the perfect surroundings in which they can live. And what's more, dust mites, pollen and other allergens found in carpets are the main triggers of allergies such as asthma and hayfever, so in order to keep your home as hygienic and germ free as possible, it is important to regularly wash your carpets.

In addition to health and hygiene advantages, carpet washing will also provide other benefits such as revitalising dull and flat carpets or sucking up accidental spills which, if not cleaned up properly, leave a sticky residue that attracts dirt and results in a stain. A costly carpet replacement can be avoided by using a carpet washer to put the life back into your carpets!